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Kentucky Workers Compensation Insurance

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Insurance to Protect Your Employees

Policies for Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana and Virginia Employers

Businesses have an obligation to protect their employees. Whether you own a fast food restaurant, a manufacturing plant or a boutique clothing store, each one has its safety risks.

One of your workers might slip and fall while stocking shelves. Someone might receive a burn from a coffee pot. Employees might get carpal tunnel syndrome from years of typing on computers. In each of these situations, they might have an entitlement to a workers’ compensation claim.

Establishing Workers’ Compensation for Your Business

When accidents occur at work, employees might sustain injuries or illnesses that force them to take time off. When someone cannot work, they cannot make money and contribute to their own livelihood. This leads to the risk of financial insecurity. A workers’ compensation plan can provide supplementary income to individuals who get hurt or sick while on the job.

States recognize that it is important for individuals to still receive compensation if medical problems keep them from working. That’s why most states require most businesses to carry this coverage. In case of on-the-job injuries, it might help employees receive income assistance, pay medical bills and cover additional rehabilitation costs. Many businesses have to offer workers’ compensation even if an injury or accident was not cause by the company’s negligence.

Each state governs its workers’ compensation programs differently.

  • Kentucky: All employers with one or more employees must carry this coverage.
  • Ohio: If you have any employees, you have to offer workers’ compensation.
  • Georgia: Any business with three or more workers, including part-time, must offer coverage.
  • Tennessee: Employers with five or more employees, including part-time or family, must carry coverage. However, some businesses must carry coverage if they have only one employee. For example, coal mining or construction businesses must have coverage if they have one employee.
  • Indiana: Most businesses with one or more employees must offer coverage. Sole proprietors do not have to receive coverage.
  • Virginia: Businesses employing more than two individuals must carry this coverage. Employees include sub-contractors and officers.

So, each state will have a different process for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Exemptions, exceptions and unique rules might apply for every employer. Therefore, you’ll need workers’ compensation that caters specifically to your business. For more information, employers should contact their state workers’ compensation board.

Risk Management and Loss Control

Workers’ comp coverage should not be a business’s only line of defense. A comprehensive risk management plan will likely help employers reduce the chances of employees getting hurt on the job.

Do everything you can to monitor your loss control. This includes enforcing all safety regulations, as well as monitoring changes in your workspace that might influence the risk of accidents. Make sure your employees have proper qualifications and training to undertake all their duties.

The safer you make your business, the better your chances of lowering your business’s experience modification rate. The EMR is an important factor that insurers use to determine your policy premiums. It is more or less a measure of how risky your business is compared to others. If you can make your workplace safer, you can usually pay less for your coverage.

We’re Here to Help

Need help getting workers’ comp coverage? What about finding risk management resources? At First Insurance Group, we’ve got you taken care of. We work with a variety of workers’ comp providers. We’ll compare available coverage options to help find one that meets your regulatory and cost needs.

So, if you’re ready to get started, so are we. Call us today at 800-511-2892, or request a free online policy quote right now.

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